M.E. Time

We typically think of “ME Time" as a time that we get alone with our self for the purpose of seeking some down-time or some time to be alone. Our hope is that this will be a time of resting and refreshing our minds. However, more often than not, we are unsuccessful! That is because we cannot possibly reset our own minds! The only way to truly reset our minds—our life—is to Listen to our Creator.

“ME Time” should never be just you, it should be you and God. Fusion City Church encourages you to set aside time to engage in intimate fellowship with God. During which, if you listen to God, you will hear Him speak to you through His Word, the Bible.

Once you have spent personal time alone with God, you will be well prepared to have a meaningful discussion with your Connect Group.

Session #1

January 23 - April 2 (10 Weeks)

Don't Waste Your Life

Session #2

April 24 - July 2 (10 Weeks)


Session #3

August 7 - September 10 (5 Weeks)


Session #4

October 2 - December 3 (9 Weeks)


Session #3

Week | ONE | August 7

Group Expectations

Fusion App

Week | TWO | August 14

Chapters 1-6

Week | THREE | August 21

Chapters 7-11

Week | FOUR | August 28

Chapters 12-14

Week | FIVE | September 4

Chapters 15-17

Here is a helpful study tool to help you focus during your time alone with God! It is also super helpful to use as a guide for your Connect Groups discussions.