At Fusion City Church kids learn the truth about who God is and who they are because of Him. Our goal is to partner with parents to lead the next generation to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

All children (babies through 5th grade) attend Fusion Kids each Sunday! Fusion Kids is designed to put the message of the Bible on a level that your kids can really grab onto it. We recommend letting your children learn on their level with us in Fusion Kids while you learn on yours in the auditorium. That way everyone wins!

Little Sparks (newborn - 2yrs in diapers)

Your children will enjoy age-appropriate toys and preschool style classrooms as they spend time playing games, singing songs and hearing stories. Snacks (Cheerios and/or Goldfish) will be provided. Please inform your child’s teacher if your child has a food allergy. Fusion Kids is a loving and peaceful environment designed to care for and nurture children. As you know, it is not unusual for little ones to cry when leaving a parent. This usually does not last long and separation will become easier over time. Our caring leaders will immediately try to soothe your child while assuring them that you will return soon. If your child cries for an extended period of 10 minutes, we will contact you via a visual prompt on the screen in the main auditorium.

Fuse (2yrs old - 5yrs old)

Age-specific lessons capture kid's attention and imagination while fun activities help with Scripture memorization. Preschoolers are capable of learning meaningful truths. It's important to lead even our littlest ones to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We use a curriculum that teaches Bible stories and verses, encourages discussion in small groups, and has an element that can be sent home.

Konnect (K - 4th Grade)

During their elementary years, kids want to have fun and find a place to belong. Through Konnect, kindergarten through 5th graders experience a teaching style they can relate to while they connect with other kids and adults invested in their future and faith.

the loop (5th & 6th grade)

Growing from a kid into a teenager can be an awesome time in life. The Loop is designed to help 5th and 6th graders discover who God is and feel confident about who they are in Him.